Base ¥30,000 *Common parts(header, footer, sidebar)
Page Content ¥5,000 / page *depends on the amount of each page
jQuery negotiable
Responsive 50% of the basic coding rate
Basic ¥50,000 *install, basic setting, migration to production environment, basic theme files(header, footer, sidebar, page, single page, category archive) *A maintenance fee is not included.
Theme files ¥10,000 / file *theme files which are not included in the basic theme
Light Fixing ¥1,000~
Fixing text, layout, images, etc
Make your web site small device friendly ¥20,000~ *+¥2,500/page
Optimizing WordPress ¥30,000~ *The dashboard will be reviewed overall. For example custom fields or custom post types are added so that anyone can edit the website easily even he/she does not know how to write HTML. Some of unnecessary objects in the dashboard will be hided so that one can smoothly access to where he/she would like to go.